The transponder chip is much like the SIM card in a cell phone. It contains a unique ID number that must be stored in the car’s “contact list.” If the chip is recognized, the car will start and run. Otherwise, the car starter won’t crank or the fuel pump won’t engage – in effect, immobilizing the car.

Ekeys4Cars carries nearly every transponder key being made. Your key can either be cloned or a new one programmed. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Please note that if you are cloning a key:

  • The car doesn’t need to be present to clone key.
  • The first key price is usually less and it’s the same price for any additional keys.
  • The cloned key can’t be used as second key to “On-Board” Program.
  • The lost or absent key won’t be erased.

When creating a new key:

  • The car must be present.
  • The First key price is usually more but the additional key price is a lot less.
  • Keys with unique ID can be used to “On-Board” Program.
  • The scan tool programming might erase any or all keys not present.
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