Meet the Team

Jim (Ted) Broadhurst


Jim is rapidly approaching SSIs full retirement age, so you won’t find him behind the wheel of the company vans, and he has limited hours at the shop. Jim spends most of his time strategic and financial planning, developing and fine tuning the company marketing, and handling all the administrative functions involved with the business and building.

Joshua Oakes

Lead Sr. Automotive Lock Technician and Manager

Josh started at EKeys4Cars in 2008. He has 4 kids at home, and 4 technicians he babysits at work. A second generation locksmith, Josh has developed numerous new techniques and brought many new tools online.

Brian Cabral

Sr. Automotive Lock Technician

Jim’s former son in law has over 10 years with EKeys4Cars. You will find Brian making keys on the road, answering the phone, working in the shop and running the owner’s grandkids to their appointments.

Jeffery Reyes

Sr. Automotive Lock Technician

Jeff has been with us over 10 years and starred with Jim’s mother in one of our TV commercials. His dazzling smile has drawn an unending bevy of young lady customers, greatly increasing our shop bottom line.

Adam Kuiken

Automotive Lock Technician

No longer the “Chico Nuevo” (New Guy), but we still call him Chico. Married with two daughters, Adam has developed the patience necessary to put up with Jim and deal with the emergency situations we encounter in the field.