Ways To Save When You Need a New Car Key

So you need a new set of car keys.

Maybe it is because your key broke, stopped working or perhaps you lost your key or worse yet, lost your key without a spare. It doesn’t matter why you need a new car key, the fact remains that you do.
We have all heard stories of drivers spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars at the dealer, but getting a replacement key doesn’t have to be expensive and painstaking.

You will need to know what kind of key you have so that when you call a car key locksmith you know what to ask for. Let’s begin with identifying the type of key you have. There are 3 Main types of car keys

Transponder Key

The transponder chip is much like the SIM card in a cell phone. It contains a unique ID number that must be stored in the car’s “contact list.” If the chip is recognized, the car will start and run. Otherwise, the car starter won’t crank or the fuel pump won’t engage – in effect, immobilizing the car.

Remote Keyless Entry

RKE’s are hand-held transmitters that lock, unlock, sound alarm, open the trunk, open doors, and other functions from a distance. Just press the button and your car will respond depending on the year, make, and model of your car, it may come equipped with remote functions or you may have your car retrofitted with an aftermarket system.

Smart Keys

Smart or Proximity keys (Push Button Start)  can stay in your pocket or purse when you unlock or start your car. The car and key both transmit and receive a signal, communicating the authority code to run your car. Some systems use a thumb-turn device or a push button to start the car.

So, how do you save money when replacing your transponder, remote Keyless entry or smart key?

Ways to Save

  • Plan on skipping the dealership. Dealerships often charge double or triple what an auto locksmith will charge.
  • Always keep a spare key. It costs less to get a key made when you have a spare so always keep a spare.
  • Use a coupon like this and save an extra $10 with Ekeys4Cars.
  • Have AAA? If you are looking to replace lost keys, or you are having ignition problems, you can save big with your AAA membership.

Ways NOT to Save

If you have already turned to the internet looking for ways to save money on your replacement car key, you have probably stumbled upon a few sites that are selling knock-off or fake car keys. These sites selling cheap counterfeit keys have low prices and boast that you can do it yourself. You might even be tempted to order. BUT PLEASE DONT!!

 When it comes to safety and security, low, upfront cost turns into a higher chance of danger.

We could do a separate blog post just on the problems drivers have with these knock-off keys but for now, we will just give you a quick rundown of the big problems

  • There is a high likelihood the key you order and the key you get will be totally different and won’t work on your car
  • The key quality is really bad and won’t stand up to normal wear and tear
  • The key doesn’t function properly and leads to you being locked out of your car
  • If not programmed properly the key can cause damage to your car costing more in further repairs
  • Your car could be more susceptible to theft and break-ins
  • Chances are, that counterfeit key, doesn’t come with any customer support

You can definitely save on replacement car keys without compromising on quality and safety.

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