Who do you call to replace your lost car keys?

Locksmith VS Dealership


Lost car keys? Who do you call, the dealership or an automotive locksmith?

Lost car keys? Who do you call, the dealership or an automotive locksmith?

We all have a story about a set of lost car keys… after a day at the beach, landing at Logan and realizing they didn’t come back from the trip, during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. It doesn’t really matter how, either way you are left with no keys and questioning who do you call to replace your lost car keys, the Dealership or an Automotive Locksmith. There are 4 main things to consider when deciding who to call. So let’s figure out who you call, Automotive locksmith VS Dealership based on Time, Ability, Cost and Convenience.


To determine what kind of timeline it would take to get a replacement key I decided to use my 2017 Subaru Outback as the test subject. It is currently 8:58 PM. I called my local dealership to inquire about getting a replacement key. I got a message stating the dealership was closed and would reopen in the morning. Luckily for me this is a test, I am not in a dark parking lot or out in the cold.

I figured I would check my dealerships website to see if I can get an emergency number, any information or pricing and that was of no help. Since I can’t get any information from the Dealership tonight I decided to move on and see what would happen when I called EKeys4Cars. I started by going to their website. I quickly found that the site had both the emergency service phone number listed as well as a link to call. When I clicked the link a technician answered (not an answering service, an actual technician answered.) I told him my year, make and model and that I had lost my keys and asked if they could help and how long it would take.  Not only could they help but with two centrally located offices (Andover MA and Saco Maine), they could have a fully equipped van to me in under an hour and they also gave me a price right over the phone! I think that we can mark this one as a win for EKeys4Cars over the dealership. When it comes to the time it takes to get a key replaced and back in my car, EKeys4Cars was fast, friendly and efficient. Their 24 hour roadside emergency locksmith service wins out over the dealership.

*UPDATE* I was able to give the dealership a call the next morning, they let me know that after I had the car towed to them it would be about 2 days before I got my car back! 


Next let’s take a look at ability. When you lost your car keys and need a key for your new or late model car you might think that the dealership will be the ones with the ability to re-flash, reprogram, copy or code your key. It makes sense, it is there brand so they will have the knowledge and the tools, RIGHT?

Not necessarily. While your dealership can definitely make a key, you might find that they are giving you more than you bargained for. Dealerships are not in the business of locksmithing so they don’t invest in the technology that EKeys4Cars does. Lack of experience and technology leads to being  incapable of completing a simple repairs or reprograming. You get stuck replacing components and paying for labor that isn’t necessary.  At EKeys4Cars locksmithing is all we do.  Not only are we far more experienced in electronic car keys, we have all the technology. Often times we have it before the dealerships do. So when it comes to ability to replace your lost key, EKeys4Cars has the ability and the technology!


Cost will be a big consideration when you are trying to decide who to call. So Let’s break down the cost. First in order for the dealership to replace my keys they need my car. The car will have to be towed due to the keys being lost. Depending on if I have roadside assistance and how far away the dealership is, I can be looking at towing charges in the hundreds. Once I get the car to the dealership they are looking to charge me right around $600 to replace my lost car keys and reprogram it.  With EKeys4Cars, they came to me, so no tow truck. The price they quoted me was far less then the dealership and my  AAA membership saved me $100. It’s a no brainer, EKeys4Cars definitely saves money.


Lastly is convenience. When you have lost your car keys you want a convenient solution. We already talked about the convenience of 24/7 emergency mobile locksmith and not having to tow your car. So what else make EKeys4Cars more convenient than the dealership? EKeys4Cars stocks thousands of different keys so you don’t have to wait for the dealerships next delivery and  unlike the dealership where you have to call and schedule an appointment, EKeys4Cars offer same day service.


It’s inevitable, at some point we all loose our keys. While it is not an enjoyable experience, one way to make it a little easier is to call EKeys4Cars! When you have lost or damaged Keys skip the high cost and hassle of the dealership! An experienced Locksmith will get you back on the road.

EKeys4Cars of Andover and EKeys4Cars of Saco Maine is Eastern New England’s leading automotive locksmith. We happily take care of all of your car key needs. You can visit us at from either of our 2 locations. Plus, we can come to you with our fleet of fully stocked mobile locksmith vans. Our experienced locksmiths are here to get you on the road 24/7.

If you need help deciding if EKeys4Cars can help give us a call at (978) 655-3135

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