It’s time to replace that gross and broken key shell!

While there are several different types of car keys, they all have a few things in common. One of those similarities is that modern car keys have a shell and that shell serves a fundamental purpose.

The shell of your car key is not just a plastic casing to park the manufacturer’s logo on, it protects the valuable electronics inside and insures your ability to unlock your car, lock your car, start your car and use features like the keyless entry and automatic liftgate.

On the outside of a car key, you will find a hard-plastic shell. The car key shell usually has openings for buttons come out from on one side and the makers of your car logo on the other. Over time and with use, this shell starts to break down. The plastic becomes cracked and broken, and the buttons, worn down and even completely worn away.

The outer shell of your car key isn’t just for appearance; the key shell protects the valuable electronics on the inside from dirt, moisture, and other hazards. Inside your key, you will find a circuit board, a chip, a battery, and depending on the key; it could also have a hinge mechanism for the metal key shaft.

To continue using a car key housed in a damaged key shell, you chance damaging the key to the point that it won’t work and replacing it without a working original is significantly more expensive.

You might be tempted to glue the plastic back together or tape it up, but we advise against that as well. Glue damages the circuit board and prevents a locksmith from being able to remove the chip at a later time, and the residue from tape destroys the interior of the key and will ultimately leave your key sticky and gross!

The best solution when you have a broken and damaged outer key casing is to replace the shell. The process of replacing a key shell is fast and inexpensive. EKeys4cars carries a vast selection of key shells. We can swap your shell at either of our locations:


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EKeys4Cars is the leading automotive locksmith in the Northern New England Area. We carry virtually every key. Based in North Andover MA and Saco Maine we are able to dispatch our professional locksmiths to your location or you can come to one of our shops. We have the technology to get you on the road faster and for less money!

With so many keys shells in stock, we can have your old key looking new in no time!
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