EKeys4Cars started as a full-service locksmith company called Canobie Lock. In 2003, Jim Broadhurst wanted to provide car owners with an alternative source for transponder keys, so he changed his company name to EKeys4Cars. In September of 2007, he opened his shop, which today is located in North Andover, MA.

Most vehicles today come equipped with electronic immobilizer systems, which require a key that contains a transponder to function. If your vehicle is transponder equipped, there is room to store a number of digital addresses or digital identification codes. This quantity is based on the make, model and year of the car.

Up until recently, the technology to provide keys has been expensive to after-market suppliers, if available. A combination of new technology and the increased number of transponder-equipped cars, has made it economically feasible for after-market services. At our shop, we’ll have you in and out often in less time than it takes to get a Repair Order at the dealers.

With the number of keys, that can’t be provided by the local hardware store, EKeys4Cars has become a necessity for the motoring public. We offer a speedy, reliable, and economical transponder key service.

Quality workmanship guaranteed. We have the technology.

Meet the Team

Jim (Ted) Broadhurst, Jim hangs out and acts like he’s running the show. He does all our marketing, schmoozing and strategic planning. His full-time job is keeping Chloe on the QuickBooks computer and Deanna from filling the fridge with microwave treats. He periodically lights fires under the guys as motivation :-).

Brian Cabral, Died and went to heaven when he married Jim’s oldest daughter. Brian is in charge of purchasing of keys and supplies in addition to being one of our top techs. You’ll find Brian making keys on the road, answering the phone, working in the shop or running the owners grandkids to the Doctor.

Deanna Welch, Inventory Deanna has counted every key in the vans and building over and over and over again. She receives, refurbishes, stocks and orders keys, shells and supplies. Now if we could get her to stop bringing in treats, we’d all lose some weight.

Adam Kuiken, Automotive Lock Technician Adam is our Chico Nuevo or New Guy. Been with us over a year so now he’s trained up enough to go out in the world and make some keys. Married with two daughters, he’s developed the patience necessary to put up with Jim and deal with the emergency situations we’re presented without in the field.

Jeff Reyes, Automotive Lock Technician Jeff’s the youngest member of our technical staff and has grown up at EKeys4Cars. He’s been with us for 6 years and is a reliable employee. So what he backed a Saab through the garage door, he can still drive a standard. He lives in Lawrence with his parents and is bilingual.

Joshua Oakes, Lead Automotive Lock Technician Josh is a second generation locksmith with over 7 years with EKeys4Cars. Married with 4 kids Josh lives in Dracut. He gets all the new technology and develops processes for the crew to use.

Brielle Keroak, Accounts Payable, receivable and bookkeeping. Trying to get her to do more hours and organize Deanna’s inventory, but she says there aren’t enough hours in the week. Brielle answered a FaceBook ad and walked the 250 yards from her house to the office for an interview. She brings her son Joey to keep Jim company on his walks to the store.

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