This isn't your corner hardware-store operation anymore. Although there are some cars still being produced on the road that use mechanical keys, 80% of new models have some sort of electronic device. That, coupled with the high security laser-cut keys, there are very limited outlets where you can get your car key duplicated.

EKeys4Cars can duplicate most car keys, from the plain mechanical all the way to the smart keys. We carry a huge array for different makes and models as well as conventional, transponder, high-security, switch-blade and remote-headed keys. In fact, we carry more types of keys and remotes, than any one dealership. Numerous dealerships in the area come to us for keys.

The more expensive costs come however, when you don't have a key to make a copy from. If you wait too long, you might be among the many paying hundreds to even thousands of dollars to have a key originated. So we strongly advise not to wait to make a back-up key. Call us today to find out how much it would be to duplicate your key.