Our motto before "We Have the Technology" was "Quality Workmanship Guaranteed." That guarantee still stands today. Ekeys4Cars strives to provide complete satisfaction to each and every customer.

They came to my house and replaced my ignition. I made it to work on time and the key matches my door. All that for much less than I was quoted to have it towed to the garage.

Paul David

Our key with the remote built in broke so Ekeys had us bring it in and they rebuilt it for a quarter of the price that a new one was going for. Then when my son accidentally broke it again 6 months later, Ekeys rebuilt it again for nothing. They didn't have to do that.

Gloria Stark

We lost our key and the dealer said our car would have to be towed in and that they were the only ones who could program the keys. AAA sent Ekeys4Cars and Josh had me going that day and AAA paid the first $100.00.

Jack McDermott